Free My Apps Credit Hack

You probably heard about the great service Free My Apps. Which opens up a lot of interesting applications for the installation you get a reward. In the future, you can exchange it for a gift card iTunes Store, Amazon, and many other services.
But this service has some limitations, such as non-frequent appearance of applications and the ability to install them only once. What if you can get around these limitations?

With the help of our instruction and special programs, you now have the opportunity to earn more than ever before.


STEP 1) If you have never used this service, then your are lucky! Cause you need to do only one thing - it's install Free My Apps through our modified LINK (open it in your iOs or Android device). And that's it, now you'll be able to get more credits.

If you are already using the service, then go to step 2

STEP 2) You need iOs device with jailbreak and installing program UDIDFaker. You  can find it in Cydia or download .deb file here(UDIDFaker 2.3.3) 
Instruction how to install .deb file here 

After that you need to reinstall FreeMyApps with the substitution of a device identifier.
First you need to clean the cookies and the data in the browser Safari.

Then run UDIDFaker and look for the browser Safari there.

Change the identifier

Next install FreeMyApps. Our previous points remain as before. But now, with each sub-identifier, we are able to install the same application multiple times.

And also as bonus you can send a referral link to yourself and get points for the installation.

Download all files and instruction here